Right now, Marbella is a great place to invest, be it real estate or other businesses. This is because Marbella is growing as the center point of tourism in La Costa del Sol, so it is a great opportunity to migrate to this city and form a company in Spain. Besides, the clear Marbella beaches serve as an extra motivation to start this endeavor.

For this, you’ll need to apply for a visa. Spanish law contemplates various types of visas so you should check them to see which one would suit you better

Types of visas

  • Short term visa: Or Schengen Visa, this visa lets non EU citizens to enter Spain for a period of three months to study, do business or just tourism.
  • Long term visa: These visas allows the foreigner to stay for a extended period of time and it’s divided in four types:
    • Residence and work visa: This visa entitles the person to work as an autonomous or for a third party. It can be requested when you have the contract or the proof that you can work on your own.
    • Student visa: This visa allows the applicant to study a program or perform an internship for the duration of said program or internship.
    • Wealth visa: This visa entitles a foreigner to reside in Spain if he/she can prove that he/she has enough financial means to cover all expenses without having to work.
    • Investor visa: This visa is granted to those who are willing to invest money in the country in bonds, properties, business or shares.

We advise you to consult with lawyers in Marbella so they can guide you and help you with your immigration needs and all the paperwork that you must do in order to move to Spain.

Once you´re clear with the immigration process, the next step is setting your own company which can be hard because of the difference between tax laws in your country and Spain. Therefore you should contact professionals of the area that can explain the process to you.

It is recommended that you start the process of forming your company before you move there, this is because the applications and paperwork need could take so time to be done, so it is better to give a lawyer a POA (Power of Attorney) so you can expedite the process.

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